Large Airedales in rare red, black, and tan. High Kountry Airedales,

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High Kountry Airedales

Airedale Terriers in large to extra large sizes from working lineages

Extremely Rare Reds (less than 150 worldwide) as well as blacks and traditional black & tan Airedales

More info and photos at!

Pups Ready by February 7 including rare Reds!

Miss Abby and Kody's  puppies at four weeks old.

    Please see for additional photo pages, frequently asked questions, and more detailed  information.


Fancy Girl by canyon

Rare red Airedale           

     Tonka, a red Airedale (above) stands 29 1/2 inches at the shoulder


New Airedale pups ready by February 7!

Please feel free to give us a call at 307 754-3426 for prices and additional info concerning our Airedales.  No hard sales push, we promise. As a general policy, we do not provide our prices via email due to past experiences with fake names/emails generated by other breeders.  We apologize for this inconvenience.   References are available upon request.

Two litters of Airedale Terrier puppies born on December 14 and 19 of 2007 from large working lines.  The first litter consists of black & tan AKC pups while the second litter includes Extremely Rare Reds  as well as black & tans.  The babies will likely grow to large or possibly extra large adults.  Photos are posted on the New Airedale Pups page.  Please feel free to contact us for more info.     

Comprised of black & tan puppies, the December 14 litter is from Kodyman and Miss Abby.  Kodyman is a descendent of Ch. Blackjacks Doubledown Danny who can be traced back to Airedale Jerry, purportedly the first Airedale in the US.   The December 19 litter includes both black & tans and very rare reds.  The parents are Fancy's Kateybug and Tonka Truck (photo in upper portion of page).  The pups' tails were docked and dew claws removed by our vet when they were about a week old.  Puppy shots shall be kept current. 


Black Airedale Mariah



We operate a small archaeological consulting firm and our Airedales frequently accompany us into the field.  This often involves extensive hiking in a variety of settings including oil/gas fields, rugged badlands, and scenic mountains including grizzly bear habitats.

I (Pat) broke my ankle/lower leg early this summer and underwent surgery (plates & screws).  Quite protective, my black AIredale Mariah (photo left) is excellent to handle in the field; she will stop instantly if commanded to and not drag me down steeper trails or slopes.  My buddy will also help pull me uphill if needed.  Accustomed to encountering livestock and wildlife, she has worked with me since puppyhood in late 1999.  I've also handled our Airedales (always leashed) in the field while on crutches and only partially weight bearing. 

A Bit More on the Black and Red Airedales

Our Airedales are purebreds, not crossed with crossed with other breeds such as Labrador or Irish Terrier, etc.  to produce the red and black colorations.  AKC will not accept the black or red on the basis of color so these dogs are registered through States Kennel Club, an international registry.  On very rare occasions, two black & tan Airedales will produce a black puppy.  In the past, the breeders often either sold the black pup without papers or put the pup down trying to keep the incident a secret. 

Research documents the black Airedales' existence back to at least World War I.   They were used quite efficiently as a messenger dogs - their coloration rendering them virtually invisible at night.  The red Airedales are exceedingly rare with less than 170 worldwide.      



Photo of our beloved Roc who passed away in late September of 2006.  A true Airedale and devoted companion, he will always be missed and never forgotten.   He is the great-grandfather of our Black Magic. 


Please feel free to contact us at 307 754-3426 for additional information about our dogs and puppies or email us at

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